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Social Activities

Are you are interested in socialising and making new friends?


Camp with your local District Association...
What is a District Association?

District Associations are local groups of members - Britain is split into 13 Regions, which are then divided into a total of 93 DAs (District Associations).

Members are automatically allocated to the DA which covers their postcode area (printed in bottom left corner of the membership card).

What can your DA offer you?

Regular camping meets held throughout the season, often on specially negotiated sites, such as parks and stately homes. 

Holiday Sites are held all year in a wide variety of locations - an opportunity for an economical family holiday or weekend break.

Social events where you can meet other members and make new friends - at events from rambles and slide-shows to dinner dances.

Activities for children are arranged at many weekend meets.

Look in your copy of Out & About (free every month with your Club Camping and Caravanning magazine)  for details of DA and Region meets and rallies all year round, all over the country.

Contact the Club Membership Department on 02476856797 for a list of DA contact names and numbers or click on their logo:


The Camping and Caravanning Club
Greenfields House, Westwood Way,
Tel: 0845 130 7631


We are a very friendly D A, where the members get on very well together and try to make newcomers and visitors very welcome.

We hope that you will have many happy rallies with us.




When you join an association, society or guild,

Just pause for a while as your forms being filled,

And think what becoming a member entails,

Don't turn out to be one more member who fails.

It's not just the cost of your annual fee

But attending the D.A. instead of TV.

Of actively helping to arrange Club do's

And not opting out whenever you choose.

Don't say all the decisions are made by the few,

Get on the committee and state your own views.

Don't slate the Club Officials from behind their backs

Be honest and face them when grinding the axe.

Drum up fellow members when interest lags,

Don't say "Not tonight, it's to much of a drag"

Or" There's gardening and painting and lots more to do"

A D.A. is made up of such members as you.

So please do your bit, be it large, be it small,

Without you there'd be no D.A. at all.


by Jack Jennings


If you are interested in joining the committee at any time during the camping season please contact any committee member.