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NLDA welcomes you to the world of ‘Rallying’

Never been on a rally before? Then read on.

Rallying is an inexpensive way of meeting new friends, enjoying yourself and making the most of your caravan/motor home/folding camper.

‘Rallies’ or ‘meets’ are held mostly at weekends starting on Friday lunchtime to Sunday afternoons at varied locations all over North Lancashire, so as a rule no electric hook up or shower blocks but usually located quite near a pub or chippy!

North Lancs are a child friendly, fun focused DA with the emphasis on everybody enjoying their weekend.

So if you fancy a taste of the Great North Lancs Experience but aren’t quite sure about the whys and wherefores check out some of the FAQ's below.


Will my battery last full weekend?

Yes if it’s in good nick, always handy is a separate one for the TV especially if you have kids! A spare gas bottle is advisable (nothing worse than running out) Solar panels and generators are used by some campers for longer meets.

What about the toilet?

There is a designated Elsan point for emptying your own toilet on site.


Of course. There is a drinking water point, just don’t forget your water hog.


This is the great part, rallying is cheap compared to official camping sites, and costs on average between £6.00 - £7.00 per unit per night. (Money left over for chips then!)

Will I need my wellies?

Yes probably knowing our Great British summers but it all adds to the fun.

How do I find out about meets?

They are advertised in the Club Magazines ‘Out & About’ section or better still go online to check out the latest info at

Do I need to book?

Only if it is advertised as a booked meet. You can always ring the steward for more info.

Who is a steward, what do they do?

All stewards are club member volunteers. They book you in and will help you site up and are on hand to answer any queries you may have or to lend a helping hand. (We have all been first timers!) Committee members are also usually on site and are ready and willing to assist.

Can anybody steward a meet?

Yes, anybody can volunteer and some meets are free for stewards to camp. We are always looking for new stewards, see committee for details.

Are meets always held in fields?

No we have several meets throughout the year at village halls and small sites where hook up can be available. Levellers and wooden blocks are handy to have with you though as not all fields are completely level. They can be bought from any caravan store and are quite cheap to purchase.

What is there to do?

Apart from some lovely walks in the countryside or chilling out next to the BBQ with a long cool drink you mean? This is the really great part, at some meets the local hall is available for music dancing, fun and games and buffet supper or sometimes it’s the turn of the party tent to host the evening. Just bring your own food & drink, relax and enjoy. We often have ‘themed weekends’ where you can set your own level of participation. See website for more details.

We have young children, what are the noise levels like at night?

As per club rules, no noise after 11pm

Do I have to be a member of North Lancs to camp with you?

No, as long as you belong to the Camping & Caravanning club you can camp with any DA you choose. Don’t forget your membership cards as these need to be shown when booking in.

Stewards ‘phone number – 07598 351845


Rallying can be addictive and can seriously increase your life enjoyment!

It’s an adventure every weekend!